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R-Squadron! A name picked because Squadrons A to Q have all been defeated, and totally not for puerile comedy reasons! Somehow, arcade games from the 1970's and 80's have come to life and attacked Earth, and only you can defeat them. If it sounds like the plot of the dull-as-pondwater movie "Pixels", too bad, my game was made in the 90's.

It was the 3rd game I made in the infamous Amiga shmup engine SEUCK, and it was the only one I saw through to completion, learning quite a few tips along the way (mainly asset recycling), I even managed to include an end animation (of sorts)! I made the game as a critique/parody on nostalgia being commercialised and weaponised; pretty prescient for a 16 year old in the 90's.

I had originally worked on an actual animated intro in Deluxe Paint that spanned 15 floppy disks...maybe one day I'll put all the scenes together and finish it, seems a waste.  And it was quite good, if I don't mind saying so myself.

ANYWAY. Prepare yourself for quite possibly SEUCK's finest hour. Or not.


R-Squadron2.adf 880 kB

Install instructions

It's an ADF file, so it will load into emulators such as WinUAE, and can be saved onto physical floppy disks or Compact Flash cards to play on a physical Amiga.


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Nice game, thanks for sharing!


Nice game and lot of work to do this on SEUCK. I also added this to my "Gameplay of New Amiga Games from March 2024" -video.

Thanks! And you did quite well at the end there, the Pacman mazes were not playtested by anyone else at all, so I didn't realise how hard they were at the time lol


Not a bad game, as far as SEUCK is concerned.


Cheers, that was fast lol. I know it's terrible, but I thought to myself, I spent a lot of time on it back then, so it's probably worth preserving. Plus it shows where I started from, game-dev-wise.


Seems like a lot of work indeed ! Thanks for sharing ! Maybe it'd deserve a migration to Redpill or Scorpion :)

take care